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Results that have our clients coming back


I feel better, and my back pain has improved.  I value Denise’s skill and experience, as well as her affirming style, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and overall personality. I have taken two of my good friends to Denise’s studio for a one-hour session.  Both could not believe how much better they felt! I strongly suggest that anyone give it a try.

Bill Sands

SomaWorks Client

I started working with Denise after hitting a personal low point. I had broken off a piece of disc, which lodged against a nerve.  I also had arthritic back pain and a bulging disc. My pain was so severe, it caused me to walk off the golf course and forfeit an annual match. After four months of ELDOA with Denise, I played two 18s!  I had absolutely zero pain, and my flexibility was the best it had been since college. I couldn’t be more pleased about working with Denise and the impact ELDOA has had on my back. 

John Clifford

SomaWorks Client

No matter at what level you come in, Denise makes sure to give modifications so everyone can work at their ability and still be challenged and fulfilled in any class. The body feels wonderful after a session!  She has a deep and profound understanding of this method and how the body works. I would highly recommend classes and private work to anyone! 

Susie Hardy

SomaWorks Client

It has been a pleasure working with Denise Herrera.  She takes the time to explain what part of the spine we are working on and why it is important to other parts of the body.  She has a very positive and encouraging style of teaching that continues to motivate.  She is very effective in understanding how to work with specific joints to get more movement and flexibility.  Working with us in person, rather than with a class, was extremely beneficial.  She could point out the small individual movements we needed to adjust to get the most benefit from the work. My husband and I found working with her to be so valuable, that we continued working with her via video when we left AZ.  It has continued to be very valuable, even though we are not in the same space.  She knows our habits well enough to be able to give us constructive directions even with a video session.

Susan Sands

SomaWorks Client

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