I am pleased to recommend Denise Herrera as an ELDOA instructor and personal ELDOA coach.


Prior to working with Denise, I had just come off two painful and frustrating seasons of golf after breaking off a piece of disk and having it lodge against a nerve.  I also had arthritic back pain from fracturing my back as an adolescent. To make matters worse I had a bulging disk that had developed over time. My personal low point was walking off the course after 9 holes and forfeiting an annual match. I was committed to doing everything, short of surgery, to get my back in shape again, so I could play and enjoy golf. Early this spring, after four months of ELDOA with Denise, I played two 18’s.  I had absolutely zero pain and my flexibility was the best it had been since college. 


ELDOA is not easy, but if you put your mind to it, it is certainly doable. Denise makes working out with ELDOA much easier with her positive, encouraging teaching style. She is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the spine and the ELDOA method.  I couldn’t be more pleased about working with Denise and the impact ELDOA has had on my back. I plan to both continue working with her and practicing ELDOA for the foreseeable future. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone seeking relief from back pain and increased spinal flexibility.

- John Clifford

I have suffered from back, hip and leg pain throughout my life due to certain spinal conditions such as lumbar and cervical stenosis, spondylolisthesis and SI joint dysfunction.
I chose SomaWorks because the owner is a master ELDOA instructor and I wanted to see if this method would work for me. Since taking class regularly (2 to 3 times a week) I have experienced significant relief from many of my symptoms. And when my pain recurs, I know which exercises can help to reduce it. I love SomaWorks because even in a class setting, I get personal attention from my instructor, Denise. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and the ELDOA principles, but more importantly knows how to communicate this information in a way that anyone can understand.
I started with private instruction and a personalized program before taking classes. I would highly recommend this approach as I now have a much better awareness of how to perform the exercises to achieve maximum benefit.

- Amy Dolinky

It’s all about the improved “quality of life” we pursue so vigorously. Let me share with you all that ELDOA has allowed my body to pursue. My sleepless nights from soreness and discomfort in my right hip are gone. I am able to accomplish long car rides, plane flights, endless walking, hiking, biking, golf and other outdoor pursuits.


I am able to workout all parts of my body because I am not hindered by a disability, which in turn allows me to pursue any and all activities unencumbered. ELDOA often affords me the ability to bounce back from injuries. ELDOA has lead to healing which postponed medical attention. Note: it was more effective than the PT that I was getting for a shoulder injury.

- Anonymous ELDOA enthusiast 

I was struggling with tingling and pain mostly on the left side from the hip to the toes. I was also aware of an imbalance along the spine causing twisting in the pelvis and rib cage and translation from the hips, ribs and neck.... not enough stability through the posture. I would highly recommend classes and private work to anyone! No matter at what level you come in, Denise makes sure to give modifications so everyone can work at their ability and still be challenged and fulfilled in any class.  Privately, I am confident that she can figure out what’s going on and help anyone!  The body feels wonderful after a session!  She has a deep and profound understanding of this method and how the body works!

- Susie Hardy

I am 81 years old and in good health relative to men my age.  For the past 10-12 years, I have worked out in a gym with a personal trainer twice a week in MN and combined that with doing guided yoga during the winter months while in AZ.  I play golf once or twice a week and have for most of my life.  Periodically, I have lower back issues and believe that my inflexibility limits my ability to turn and extend my backswing.  About 2 years ago, I was visiting with a good friend, John Clifford, who had just retired and spending the winter months in the Scottsdale area.  I know that he has a history of back problems and also loves to play golf.  He is now an advocate of ELDOA and recommended that Susan and I contact Denise Herrera at SomaWorks.


We met Denise this winter in AZ and were  in her studio twice a week and now while we in MN, we do a virtual session with her once a week.  I feel better, look forward to every session, and do some ELDOA work every evening.  I am much more aware of my posture and my back pain has improved.  I value Denise's skill and experience, her affirming style, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and overall personality.


Immediately after completing a round of golf, I have taken two of my good friends to Denise's studio for a one hour session.  Both could not believe how much better they felt! I strongly suggest that anyone give it a try and sign up for 3-4 sessions.  We are in MN during the summer months and have been unable to find anyone trained in ELDOA.


I have tried a group session and much prefer working one on one (or two) with Denise.

- Bill Sands

I began working with Denise in the Winter of 2020.  Over the last 10 -12 years, I have done Pilates in a studio setting twice a week.  During the winter in AZ, I did Yoga once a week.  I have also had myofascial stretch therapy over a period of time.  My husband and I were looking for a work out opportunity that would address each of our specific needs.  We were introduced to Denise Herrera through a friend.  Because of my experience with myofascial stretch, I was attracted to learning about ELDOA and how it works to stretch and condition the body.  I have had knee replacements in both knees and value the opportunity to stay active and healthy.  It has been a pleasure working with Denise Herrera.  She takes the time to explain what part of the spine we are working on and why it is important to other parts of the body.  Denise has a very positive and encouraging style of teaching that continues to motivate.  She is very effective in understanding how to work with specific joints to get more movement and flexibility.  Working with us in person, rather than with a class, was extremely beneficial.  She could point out the small individual movements we needed to adjust to get the most benefit from the work. My husband and I found working with her to be so valuable, that we continued working with her via video when we left AZ.  It has continued to be very valuable, even though we are not in the same space.  She knows our habits well enough to be able to give us constructive directions even with a video session.

- Susan Sands