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About the ELDOA Method

ELDOA is a French acronym that stands for Elongation Longitudinaux Avec Decoaption Osteo Articulaire. In English, it translates to Longitudinal Osteo-articular De-coaptation Stretching. "Osteoarticular" means bones and joints, "decoaptation" means opening, and ELDOA is the name of both the method and the postures involved.


Developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer, the ELDOA Method is the only exercise designed to specifically address each joint of the spine.


This method targets the deepest set of core muscles that support every type of movement we do in our everyday lives: whether it’s sports, strength and fitness training, even bending over to pick up something. 


The poses incorporate kneeling, lying, or sitting and are held for one minute. This helps to organize the body’s fascial chains and create space at each level of the joint in use, so there is more blood flow throughout the joints, and hydration to the discs. 

About Soma Training

About Soma Therapy

Soma Therapy is a clinician-based program designed to help improve the function of the joints, fascia, and duramater through osteopathic techniques created by Guy Voyer. The goal of Soma Therapy is to create space and flow in all the body.

Soma Training is a program designed by Guy Voyer to teach specific exercises to improve the body’s biomechanics. The exercises provide a foundation to attain optimal health, recovery, and maximum bodily function. 

About SomaWorks

At SomaWorks, we are your coach—not your crutch. Yes, we provide the exercises but we also provide the instruction in a way that allows you to not only understand the movements, but ultimately understand your own body and how it can be the best tool you have. After all, why bother with a complicated apparatus when you are your own best decompression machine? We teach the exercises in a way that is customized to your communication and learning style so you can comprehend the techniques and feel comfortable doing them. 

About Denise

Denise Herrera, owner and principal practitioner, offers the healing techniques of a physical therapist and the strength-building techniques of a physical trainer. 


She started her career as a professional dancer. She soon discovered Pilates and began teaching at Desert Mountain Club, a private golf community. There, she noticed that many of her clients were experiencing spinal issues. This led to her learning more about golf and the biomechanics involved with spinal conditions through TPI Golf Fitness and the CHEK Institute’s Golf Biomechanics’ Training and Holistic Lifestyle programs.


After Denise began working with clients with golf-related injuries, she was inspired by a client who had been suffering from debilitating back pain for 25 years, including a surgery that produced even further complications. In her research, Denise discovered the ELDOA method and began working with creator, Dr. Guy Voyer, D.O. and ELDOA instructor, Scott Herrera. Through Scott, Denise incorporated specific ELDOAs, myofascial stretches, and exercises, and was able to help support and restore strength in the client’s back. Before long, the client was able to play golf again, virtually free of back pain. 


After that success, Denise was hooked. She knew this was her life’s calling and she wanted to share this knowledge with each and every client. She became certified through the ELDOA Program through Legacy Sports and Performance and has been treating patients through the ELDOA method ever since. 

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