A Healthy Spine = A Happy and Healthy Body

Return Your Body To Its Natural Posture and Design

The ELDOA method is the only exercise that specifically addresses each joint of the spine to build strength and mobility, whether the spine is healthy or compromised.  The method has been around since the 1970s and is gaining momentum as many sports teams have integrated it into their conditioning practices.  Golf Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Track and Field have seen the benefits in athletic performance, but it has also been proven to be beneficial to people of all walks of life. No matter your age or current activity level we can help.  

The ELDOA method is a series of poses executed kneeling, lying, or sitting. Each pose is dedicated to a specific area of the spine and are held for one minute. Each pose organizes the body's fascial chains to create space at each level of the joint in use.  The result is the ability to live life at its fullest, less pain to be able to resume your activities. Our goal at SomaWorks is to teach you how to restore and build postural strength utilizing the ELDOA method. 

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