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Mobility Back 

Relieve your pain.

Revive your body.

Rediscover your best self.


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We’ve got your back

Do you have back or neck pain that has you feeling like you’ve put your life on pause? Or maybe you are an athlete seeking a competitive edge?


We’re here to help! We are a unique studio specializing in the ELDOA Method, a series of exercises that creates space and strength in the spine. 


At SomaWorks, we take an individualized approach, catering each exercise to you—not only to your body but to your learning style. We are not only going to provide you with Soma Therapy that will have you feeling amazing, but we also use Soma Training  exercises and teach you how to perform the movements so you can do them on your own and become your own best therapist. 


Meet Denise

Denise Herrera, owner and principal practitioner, offers the healing techniques of a physical therapist and the strength-building techniques of a physical trainer.

Model of a spine in medical field with white background..jpg

A new twist on spinal treatments

Back and spine injuries still remain a mystery

- as are the methods to treat them. Surgeries, which are expensive and complex, don’t always fix the problem. Meanwhile, painkillers can be toxic and addictive while also producing dubious results.

Most of these solutions treat the spine as a distinct column

A column doesn't move. However, the spine does, with 24 mobile vertebrae supported by muscles and fascia. And that’s where ELDOA comes in.

ELDOA is a healthy, non-invasive solution that opens up each joint in the spine, creating space.

We’ve seen patients who have suffered for decades relieve their pain within months and are able to resume their activities! Likewise, athletes are able to pinpoint some areas where their movement may be hindered, and ELDOA empowers them to regain motion and take their performance to an exciting new level.

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Strengthen your spine - and your performance

Are you an athlete looking to level up your performance? Get ahead of the game with injury prevention techniques that will build strength and knowledge. We will work with you to provide customized poses that will ensure your micro movement is at its peak for greater macro success! 

Conditions ELDOA treats:

young man is holding his neck. the concept of health, pain in the neck. The patient compla

Pinched Nerve

A lateral radiograph of lumbar spine showing degenerative spondylolisthesis of L4-5 that c

Disc Degeneration

kidney stones or nephrolithiasis and spinal disc herniation,including pancreatic cancer in

Bulging, Herniated

or Fused Discs

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI of lambosacral spine or L-S spine on sagittal plane show

Stenosis and




“I have absolutely zero pain, and my flexibility was the best it has been since college.”

John Clifford

SomaWorks Client

I have suffered from back, hip and leg pain throughout my life due to lumbar and cervical stenosis, spondylolisthesis and SI joint dysfunction. Since taking class regularly, I have experienced significant relief. And when my pain recurs, I know which exercises can help to reduce it.

Amy Dolinky

SomaWorks Client

"My sleepless nights caused by soreness and discomfort in my right hip are gone. I am able to accomplish long car rides, plane flights, endless walking, hiking, biking, golf and other outdoor pursuits. ELDOA often affords me the ability to bounce back from injuries."


ELDOA Enthusiast 

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