How ELDOA Arizona takes a vacation! 😉 L

Denise Herrera, owner and principal practitioner, started her career as a professional dancer. She soon discovered Pilates, became certified, and 17 years ago began teaching at Desert Mountain Club, a private golf community. As her expertise progressed, she noticed that many of her clients presented with multiple spinal pathologies ranging from pinched nerve, disc degeneration, bulging, herniated or fused discs, to stenosis and spondylolisthesis. This led to her learning more about golf and the biomechanics involved with spinal conditions.

In 2007, Denise embarked on her journey of continuing education that began with TPI Golf Fitness, followed by the CHEK Institute’s Golf Biomechanics, Training and Holistic Lifestyle programs. In 2013, she was inspired by a client who had been suffering from debilitating back pain for 25 years, had undergone surgery that produced even further complications, and for whom she was able to only achieve moderate success. After much research, Denise discovered the ELDOA method and Soma training and began working with creator, Dr. Guy Voyer, DO. She was also greatly influenced by Scott Herrera, instructor for ELDOA (levels 1-4) and Dr. Voyer's comprehensive training and therapy programs. She and her client traveled to Dallas where Scott prescribed specific ELDOAs, myofascial stretches, and exercises to help support and restore strength in his back. With regular practice he is now able to play golf and is virtually free from back pain.

Denise knows first hand how ELDOA can help. An accident in college left her with neck an pelvis injuries and practicing ELDOA has provided tremendous relief. Now she wants to share her knowledge with each and every client.