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Myofascial Stretch Course at SOMA Works


The process will consist of a 1 day Zoom lecture with Guy Voyer on the theory and anatomy and 3 days of practical work taught by Scott Herrera. 

The online theory and anatomy registration with Guy Voyer will ALL be handled directly through Lydie Voyer and is schedule for Saturday November 27th. Contact Lydie Voyer at


Registration for 1 day Zoom theory and anatomy, 300 Euros

The practical course will take place on Friday December 10th - Sunday December 12th with Scott Herrera of Legacy Sports of Performance in Dallas, Texas.

Registration for 3 day practical, $950




Contact Denise Herrera at or call 480-239-7381 for more information



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Guy VOYER, DO is a “classically-trained” European Osteopath who remains true to his manual medicine training.  He holds a Doctorate in Osteopathy with an extensive background in the fields of sport, manual therapy and medicine, which includes studies and degrees in physical education, physiotherapy, sports medicine, traumatology, biomechanics, and various forms of body work including massage therapy. In addition, he has a PhD. in educational science. He has initiated and collaborated on numerous research projects, including the studies on intervertebral disc compression and herniation.


As a result of this work, Guy VOYER, DO organized his own system of therapy (SomaTherapy) with many techniques that he created himself. To compliment his therapeutic system, he designed an exercise-training program (SomaTraining) that respects the organization of the fascial chains and human biomechanics. Today, he is one of the few osteopaths in the world to master the treatment of fasciae and how to prescribe exercise to reinforce these treatments.


After decades of study and clinical practice as both an exercise practitioner and therapist, DR. VOYER organized his unique educational paradigm and teaching method – “learn by doing”. This paradigm includes the principles of complexity and systems theory, tensegrity biomechanics and functional anatomy. This method is used in all of his courses.

His goal now is to teach and pass along his knowledge through the students who have followed his life’s work.

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Scott Herrera is an internationally recognized sports performance trainer and wellness educator.

In 2008, he and his business partner founded Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas. Over the course of his 20 years of clinical practice and study,  Scott developed and refined his approach to working with athletes and wellness clients.

The foundation of Scott’s approach is based upon the work of his mentor, world-renowned osteopath, Guy VOYER, DO.

In 2014, Dr. VOYER appointed Scott the Director of the six-level Comprehensive ELDOA™  Certification Program. In addition to writing the Student-Practitioner Manuals for Levels 1 through 3, he is an instructor in the program.  He also assisted in the restructuring of the Comprehensive Myo-fascial Stretching Certification.  Scott is one of 121 Certified ELDOA™ Trainers in the world.  He is an Instructor in the three-year SomaTraining Program in Dallas, Texas and Larchmont, New York.

Scott consults with professional athletes and teams in addition to collegiate athletic programs. Teams include, the Atlanta Braves,  Washington Nationals,  Dallas Stars, L. A. Dodgers, and  Washington Capitals.

“Exercise alone is simply not enough.  It’s the organization , instruction, and the sequencing of the movements specific to the body and sport, applied at the right time in the periodization.” – Scott Herrera

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